Improving collaboration and communication: discover your personal style to work better with others.

Insights Discovery Workshop

  PETA Management Training and Conference Centre Portsmouth

  29th - 29th Jun 2021

  09:15 - 16:00

Event summary: Improving collaboration and communication: discover your personal style to work better with others.

Workshop overview

The shift to remote working and adapting to new ways of communicating and working with others effectively starts with being in tune with your own personal style - how well do you know your preferences and styles and the impact of these when engaging with others?

PETA is offering a fantastic opportunity to participate in a discovery workshop, using ‘Insights’, a powerful personal profiling approach, to strengthen self-awareness of personal styles and understand the impact these have on building successful relationships in the workplace. This one-day workshop will cover:

  • Insights – an introduction
  • Personal Effectiveness and Personal style
  • The Colour Energies
  • Understanding your Personal Profile
  • Key strengths and weaknesses
  • Value in the team environment
  • Communication preferences
  • Possible blind spots
  • Personal motivators
  • Putting your Profile into Action

Course benefits

The Insights approach improves communication, enhances collaborative working and increases positive customer interactions. Using Insights outcomes will help teams develop into more effective units, resulting in successful, engaged and motivated employees.

“We have adopted the use of the Insights Profiles for all of our staff as a standard tool to facilitate the building of tight, co-operative and collaborative relationships between individuals and teams. It has created a common language amongst staff when working out how best to work with each other and to address tensions between people in a proactive and fun way. PETA has delivered above our expectations. They are a pleasure to deal with and their trainers have universally been rated as exceptional by all our staff who have been through their training programmes to date.” Eddie Watson, Operations Director, Cortex Ltd

Click on this link to watch a short taster video of Workshop Trainer, Debbie Stanford, giving an overview of the Insights approach and what the workshop entails. Book your place online today!