Accounts or Finance Assistant Level 2


Develops core accountancy skills to maintain an efficient & accurate finance function

What will I learn?

Whilst undertaking this apprenticeship you will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills undertaking a key role within your company. In addition you will achieve the following qualifications:

  • AAT Level 2 Certificate in Accounting


When can I start?

Right now! Our apprenticeships team work with local employers to make apprenticeships available throughout the year. New vacancies are added to the PETA website every week and it’s really easy to apply - so why wait?

Course Overview

The apprenticeship develops the knowledge, skills & behaviours in the following areas:

  • Aware of elements of commercial law that may have an impact when working in accountancy, such as contracts, data protection or Anti Money Laundering.
  • Aware of the impact of technology on business and its accounting and finance functions.
  • Understand transactional processes of accounting and their use within a finance function.
  • Understand what makes a business successful, through buying or selling products or supplying services to a market.
  • How accounting systems/processes allows a business to keep track of financial transactions.
  • Know a range of routine accounts reports, and their use within the finance function.
  • Understand the basics of internal control within own organisation.
  • Aware of basic accounting concepts and double entry bookkeeping.
  • Understands bookkeeping controls.
  • Understand the cost recording system within an organisation.
  • Develop an understanding of the differences between Financial and Management Accounting.
  • Understands corporate social responsibility (CSR), ethics and sustainability within organisations.
  • Understands the need to keep up to date with policies, procedures, regulatory or system changes.
  • The ability to reconcile data to minimise the chance of errors.
  • Avoids jargon and uses the correct technical terms where appropriate.
  • Demonstrates good listening and speaking skills to communicate effectively in the right manner.
  • Uses relevant office and accounting software packages to input and manage data accurately.
  • Able to maintain the security of accounting information using passwords and security measures.
Additional Information

During your apprenticeship you will receive:

  • An induction to the programme to make you feel welcome and to help you understand how the apprenticeship works
  • Day release training at our Training Centre to help build your knowledge and skills
  • Training in the workplace to help you learn the job role and to become a valued member of the team
  • Regular progress reviews to help with your development and to ensure you remain on track to successfully complete your apprenticeship

The vast majority of your learning will be undertaken whilst you are working. In order to successfully achieve the apprenticeship, 6 hours a week of the teaching, learning and development will be undertaken through off-the-job training which takes place at our PETA Training Centre in Cosham, Portsmouth.