Farming firm Barfoots is cultivating more than delicious fruits and vegetables

Farming firm sees growth in fields of staff communication and cooperation thanks to PETA

Case study summary: Farming firm Barfoots is cultivating more than delicious fruits and vegetables – they’re cultivating a workplace that runs through effective communication and teamwork.


The Botley-based food production company approached PETA, the Solent’s leading training provider, seeking their expertise in developing a tailored learning and development solution to train and prepare their staff to progress into leadership roles.

Nicola Bridges, Barfoots’ Training and Development Manager, said: “A few years ago we found that, as we promoted production line staff to sales leaders, they were muddling their way through management tasks. Suddenly we had a new group of people we needed to train.

“Having done a lot of our training with PETA over the years – such as the Mate to Manager programme, which had really great feedback and impact - we asked PETA to put together a new leadership development programme specific to our business culture and needs.”

Action taken:

PETA created the Barfoots Development Programme, which incorporates elements of the well-known Insights profiling system, to deliver a tailor made training solution that builds staff confidence in dealing with areas of conflict and communicating among themselves as leaders with increased effectiveness.


Nicola said: “The feedback on the course has been amazingly positive; it’s transformed the way we communicate. There were areas of conflict in some teams but now the communication has greatly improved, as well as their motivation levels and their morale. We’ve also seen a big increase in staff retention in certain teams.”

The Barfoots Leadership Programme has been so effective that they’ve asked PETA to develop a Barfoots Management Programme. Nicola added: “Hopefully we will get to the point where we have rotating programmes of leadership and development programmes, followed by management programmes. PETA has done a fantastic job for us.”

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