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Think about someone who has had a positive impact on you in your career in some way; perhaps someone who supported and encouraged you and made you feel able to develop as well as want to. If you’re fortunate enough to have had this experience, this person was undoubtedly a good leader first and foremost, and an efficient manager second.

Although many people may not realise this, management and leadership skills are two very different things. Managers manage work, leaders lead people. Managers have subordinates, leaders have followers. Managers control, leaders inspire. 

A manager is a job role within a hierarchy but leadership is something that comes to you as a result of your actions. Whilst you can become a manager overnight with a promotion and the right knowledge, becoming a good leader comes with patience and experience. 

What is a manager?

Managers are in place to plan, organise, lead and control. As a manager you’ll give your team direction; generate ideas, react well to change and hold authority. These are all great skills to have in business, but teaming these with great leadership skills will give you an all-round advantage.

To become a leader you’ll need to adopt certain qualities such as communicating effectively, providing inspiration and guidance, and encouraging employees to progress whilst also endorsing higher levels of productivity.

What is a leader?

As a leader, you’ll ask questions, lead by example and motivate, guide and develop your people. Leaders add value, delegate to and entrust in their team. They encourage and enable their employees to grow.

You may wonder at what point someone graduates from being a manager to becoming a leader. A good way to tell is if people outside of your hierarchy come to you for advice, it’s likely you’ve achieved leadership status as they value your opinion and experience enough to seek you out even though you are not in their direct line of business.

Communication is key

Combining management and leadership skills is the best way to achieve success in business. One of the most important skills you’ll learn on your leadership journey is how to communicate effectively. It really is key to becoming a good leader, as being able to communicate well with those around you, delivering both good and bad news effectively and honestly is essential. 

Good communication builds trust within your team and with your employees individually, encouraging them to give their all, safe in the knowledge that anything that needs to be shared with them will be.

Leadership training with PETA

Developing and improving your leadership skills is the key to truly excelling in business. Finding the right training and development is essential and at PETA we offer a variety of options.

Leading with Impact: Starting 11 October 2022 or 14 February 2023

This three-day course is designed for new or existing team leaders who need to develop the skills to deal with challenges, influence the workforce and achieve business goals.

CMI Level 3 Certificate in The Principles of Management and Leadership: Starting 7 March 2023

This 6.5-day course will enable first line managers to develop effective and consistent people management skills, allowing them to motivate their team to achieve success both personally and professionally.

CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership: Starting 21 October 2022 or 21 April 2023

This 6.5 day course is ideal for new or practising middle managers, effective in preparing them for senior management responsibilities. It will explore the routes to positive business performance results, which will in turn lead to improved personal leadership performance. 

Upskill existing staff with an apprenticeship…

At PETA, we run a number of apprenticeship programmes that are ideal for existing employees moving into leadership roles. These apprenticeships can be undertaken whilst the individual remains in their current position, working towards the new role.

They’ll receive on the job training, supported by structured modules of learning that create a superb ‘peer’ learning environment, combined with assignments to support the transfer of skills to real situations. Completing the apprenticeship provides the foundation for the emerging manager/leader to step up into their new role. 

Get in touch with our apprenticeship team to discuss the following apprenticeship opportunity commencing this autumn:

Book onto one of corporate courses at the links above or find out more about our management and leadership apprenticeships today!


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