Business Improvement / Business Improvement and Quality Management

LEAN - An Introduction


Improve the productivity and efficiency in the business

Course overview

An ideal starting point for anyone with a passion for and building efficiency into the business through implementing LEAN principles to reduce duplication and streamlining business operations.

  • Understanding basic principles of LEAN within any business environment
  • Understand the 4 main aspects of continuous improvement and the ‘8 wastes’ specifically relating to the office environment
  • Process mapping
  • Problem solving - including problem resolution techniques and ‘5 whys’
  • Understanding continuous improvement
  • Tools for improvement - a range of different tools will be covered that can be applied directly to the business, including 6S and visual communication boards

Course benefits

Learn how to implement the key features of a continuous improvement culture within the business, to achieve a reduction in business operating costs, promoting a ‘zero-waste’ philosophy to time consuming, non-value-add activities, resulting in streamlined, efficient business practices.

Course dates and fees

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